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Biomass Plant

REECON Biomass Destructive Distillation (BDD) has been developed designed to process different type of biomass material such as Coconut shell, Wood chips, Briquettes. Unless otherwise proper precaution has taken the burning of this fuels causing a lot of environmental problems like soot and carbon emission. Improper processing of the biomass is wastage of the valuable energy source with environmental problems. As the pollution in biggest concern well equipped processing plants are required for these biomass products.

The process involves a highly controlled process called Destructive distillation of biomass under controlled reaction conditions (in the absence of oxygen) process comprising the use of specifically and finely controlled process operation for converting the biomass raw material to BIO CHAR, BIO OIL, BIO COAL etc.

The process aids in production of high purity Bio char without any emission of fixed carbon exceeding more than 80%. In addition to the above it gives Gas to Produce Power, Pyrolignous Liquid, commonly known as Bio oil or wood vinegar.

Bio Coal can replace Coal or reduce the consumption of coal which plays a vital role in combating climate change and environment protection. REECON team design and Install fully automatic continuous operation Biomass destructive Distillation / Torrefaction plants.

Bio char is used for the manufacture of organic manure
Bio oil is used as an disinfectant
Bio coal is used in boiler as a replacement to coal

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