Waste Water Treatment “AEWAR“ & Energy Systems Technology.

About us


Reecon’s objective is to reuse 90% of the waste water generated in industries, and meet 20% of a company’s energy requirements through renewable technologies. This will reduce the carbon footprint, reduce water consumption and promote energy independence, with the opportunity of creating more green jobs.

REECON- is a team of technical experts and professionals having more than 20 to 30 years of experience in different field of Industry, Engineering, Water, Waste water and renewable energy. The unique Reecon team with expertise in different product applications and technology can provide Design, Turnkey execution, and trouble shooting of different projects.
Effluent treatment plants
sewage treatment plants
Bio CNG projects
Bio gas plants & Projects
Biogas purification and bottling
Biogas storage and electricity production
Sludge dewatering technology
The unique Reecon Team consists of Doctors, Technocrats, Industrialists, Retired professionals, Company directors and a group of national and international acclaimed advisors in different field of industrial operations.

Reecon’s Core Compitance and Strength
. Detailed Design and Engineering of Process Plants. Project implementation, operation and maintenance of Waste Water, water, Biogas, Biomass, Waste to energy projects. Process control and automation, project management, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of process plants.
We execute our projects All over India and Abroad.

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