Waste Water Treatment “AEWAR“ & Energy Systems Technology.

REECON Biomass Destructive Distillation (BDD) has been developed designed to process different type of biomass material such as ..

Waste water treatment is the process of converting waste water into, water that can be discharged back in to the environment after treatment.

A variety of biodegradable cutleries can be manufactured from agricultural residues as an alternative to single use plastics.

Biogas can be produced from any type biodegradable waste material such as Food Waste, Market Waste, Slughter house waste..

Industrial gasses are the gaseous materials that are manufactured for use in industry, and commercial application. Reecon manufacture Oxygen & Nitrogen gas plants using PSA technology

Process automation and plant automation are preferred by most of the industry for easy and smooth function of the plant or process.

About us

Reecon’s objective is to reuse 90% of the waste water generated in industries, and meet 20% of a company’s energy requirements through renewable technologies.

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Nanotechnology Process

Advanced Nanotechnology Process is an attractive alternative to the conventional treatment process in effluent treatment and sewage treatment applications.

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Our customers

We have customers in All India and Abroad in different categories of Industrial and commercial application.

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Reecon’s primary focus is advanced Waste Water Treatment, Renewable Energy Projects, Process Automation and Innovative New project machinery development.

Reecon Provides energy efficient & green energy solutions which promote renewable and sustainable technologies. Reecon implements Waste Water, Biomass Plants, Biomass Waste Processing, Automation, Biodegradable Cutlery plants and Industrial Gas plants.

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