Bio gas Waste Energy



Reecon adopted the most efficient design for better and maximum digestion of the feed material with reduced retention time. Based on the nature of feed, it will be pre conditioned before feeding to the biodigestor. In this stage the most complex component of the feed material such as Lignin, Cellulose and Hemi cellulose broken down to simpler forms. Specialized microbes were used in this process.

The pre conditioned and partially digested material transferred to the biodigestor after disinfection at the correct solid concentration. Under controlled condition further break down process continues which produces the Crude gas rich in methane (60 -65%) and carbon dioxide (35  40%) with traces of other elements. Extreme care has taken for the removal of hydrogen sulphide in the digestion process itself. The gas can achieve a purity up to 98.5% after purification and refining depend on the customer requirements. The final residue from the biodigestor is ideal manure supplement.

Types stocks can be used.

Food waste, kitchen waste, municipal solid waste

Slaughter house waste, poultry waste, fish waste

Poultry liter, animal dung, night soil

Water weeds such as water hyacinth, water lettuce, algae.

Vegetable waste, fruit waste, flower----- etc

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