Waste Water Treatment Service


Waste Water Treatment Service


AQUA ELECTRO WAVE WATER RECOVERY - AEWAR Process destabilize the colloids contained in a quantity of water, thereby separate the clear water from other contaminants present.

The clear water so obtained will be filtered in a series of filters which make the water for reuse purpose. It can treat any type of effluent that is contaminated with Heavy metals, suspended particulates, bacteria/viruses, radioactive material, oil emulsions and more.  No other single wastewater component treats this range of contaminant types



The following are the features of AEWAR process:

    .  Remove heavy metals

    .  Removal and separation of oils and fats

    .  Oxidation of organic material/breaking of organic molecules

    .  Reduction and/or elimination of eco toxicity

    .  Removal of bacteria, viruses, and parasites

    .  Removal and separation of suspended solids and colloids

    .  Elimination of smell.

    .  Removal of water hardness.


Aquatrikz is ready to install modular treatment plants, with remote access facility to treat all types of effluent and water. For details contact…..


Ideal for  Sewage, Effluent and Water applications to  Industries, Hospitals, Educational, Institutions, Apartments and Hotels  etc…

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