Reecon based in Bangalore, Southern state of India. Reecon’s  primary focus is advanced Waste Water Treatmen“AEWAR“ & Energy Systems Technology. Reecon  Provides energy efficient & green energy solutions which promote renewable and sustainable technologies. Reecon implements Waste Water, Biogas and Biomass projects.


Reecon’s objective is to reuse 90% of the waste water generated in industries, and meet 20% of a company’s energy requirements through renewable technologies. This will reduce the carbon footprint, reduce water consumption and promote energy independence, with the opportunity of creating more green jobs. Reecon’s innovative Aquatirkz waste water treatment plant produces high quality purified water from any types of effluent discharge.


Reecon’s Potential customers are Industries, building complexes both residential and commercial, factories, energy farms, and most industrial complexes looking for ecologically-friendly solutions for their water & energy needs. Reecon’s Aquatrikz ready to operate treatment plant module with remote access facility is ideally suited for all the above application.


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